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After Five Years and a $10M Pricechop, Still No Buyers

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It's back and it's cheaper than ever! A mere five years after hitting the market, this 12,000sf behemoth on Georgica Pond is back on the market. In those innocent times of 2009, the asking price was $39.5M; now it's a mere $28.95M.

The house itself is interesting—originally a Stanford White building, the house was renovated (and rotated 90 degrees!) and enlarged by high-end builder Jeffrey Collé. There's just something about it we can't warm up to, though; it's just too cavernous and impersonal for our tastes. Still, there are fabulous touches—all the woodwork was hand-milled on site. As for the bathroom marble, the tubs, counters, and tiles were carved from single blocks of stone by master Italian craftsmen. Location is, of course, impeccable. It's set on an elevated two acres with 203' of frontage on Georgica Pond and is adjacent to 17-acre meadow preserve. Any guesses on how much longer it'll take before a buyer is finally found?
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