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Sold! Cool Meadow Lane Mansion by Goldfinger Now in Contract

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This contemporary on Meadow Lane by Myron Goldfinger hit the market back in April. Everyone liked the house; the asking price, $32M, just seemed a little high. One $2.5M pricechop and seven months later, the place is in contract. We hope the new owners enjoy this unique property.

Goldfinger has been enjoying some renewed attention thanks to one of his houses featuring in a party scene in The Wolf of Wall Street; even more recently, this house was featured in an episode of Louie. Goldfinger, who was not related to the other Goldfinger, designed this Meadow Lane house in 1984. There's 8000sf of "sculptural presence in space," including five bedrooms, 6.5 baths, and multiple entertaining areas, including a game room, media room and indoor swimming pool. Of course there's an outdoor pool as well, right on the dunes. There are 4.7 acres of land.
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