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Big Reveal: How Much for a Cottage in the Amagansett Lanes?

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Address: 39 Hedges Lane, Amagansett
Price: $2,575,000
Nope. You all thought the price was lower than it is. Most commenters thought $2M was about right, and then as usual an argument about Farrell Building broke out. One wrote, "I'm enjoying the changes in the Lanes. It's not all Farrell. There are some really pretty homes that are completed or are currently under construction. There are a handful of contemporaries. I'm really loving that Merrell house going up on Atlantic. There are a couple of Arts and Crafts houses that look beautiful as well. I'm not going to bemoan the teardown of 40's and 50's ranch houses that simply don't work today, it's not like they are landmarks. This is a sweet house, but come on. Even if not torn down, it will be extensively redone and unrecognizable when finished. No one is keeping this little house as is at 2 million, give or take."
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