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Meet Young Guns Finalist Adam Jordan from Bates Masi

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Curbed's Young Guns awards recognize many interesting designers and architects. One of this year's finalists, Adam Jordan, 29, is a project architect at Sag Harbor's Bates Masi. Curbed National asked him, "How do you resolve the conflict between respecting a contextual environment while addressing a residential client's individualized needs?"

Jordan's reply: "The Hamptons is known for smaller barns and family houses. We like to look at the local vernacular and how we can incorporate it into the design. We really take our time looking at those small details. However, we also deal with some very unique people who want unique properties, and that's what's amazing about it. We really pride ourselves on infusing the client into their house, too. Some clients will give us reference materials for inspiration. A lot of times in modern architecture you lose that contextual and personal focus, and it can become really cold and sterile."
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