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Which Area is Most Likely to Have an Unhappy Thanksgiving?

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Gotta love Thanksgiving. If your dinner table doesn't feature a drunken argument over Benghazi or the ethics of eating meat, your favorite team will lose or cousin Ashley will sneak out of clearing the table by hitting a Black Friday sale. Our friends over at Estately decided to figure out which parts of the country have cause to dread Thanksgiving the most. (Spoiler alert: sorry, Ohio!) They ranked each state using the following criteria:

· Likelihood of food poisoning
· Likelihood of relatives binge drinking
· Likelihood of political arguments at dinner
· Dietary restrictions impacting meal quality
· Likelihood of favorite NFL team losing on Thanksgiving

· Likelihood of guests/cooks abandoning meal for Black Friday sale New York comes out in the middle, so feel free to get into debates about Obamacare after one too many Baileys, folks.
· Which US States Have the Worst Thanksgivings? [Estately]