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'Famous Architect' Designed Modern Asking $1.098M

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This house is kind of cool and kind of odd in places. The brokerbabble begins: "With an award winning Modern design, this home was totally renovated by a famous Architect in 2003-2004." What award? What architect? The open, airy, light interiors are very appealing, as is the interesting shape of the house clinging to a hillside. The famous Architect was clearly going for a high-tech look with the staircase, but we don't think it works; same with the chain link on the upper deck, which looks more "dog kennel" than "industrial chic." All in all, there are three bedrooms, three baths in 2000sf, set on 0.63 acres. There is a 12' x 50' lap pool and a private staircase down to Shinnecock Bay.
· Famous Architect Designed Modern [Saunders]