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Sagaponack House With Pretty Much Everything Now Has a Buyer, Too

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Back in January, this spec house in tony Sagaponack hit the market, sporting all kinds of crazy amenities including two outdoors fireplaces, pool, spa, waterfall, outdoor kitchen, cabana, phantom screens, tennis, you name it. Indoors, there's a "cutting edge" home theater (with sparkly ceiling!), seven bedrooms, eight baths plus two powder rooms, four fireplaces, all in 8600sf. The kitchen features a Miele "coffee system" and a teppanyaki grill (yum). Commenters were mostly underwhelmed: "I love modern design but this one is a bit harsh on the eye.... Horrible kitchen, cheap material choices, carpet tiles etc for almost 13MM?" The property did take a while to sell, but now it's in contract. Last asking price was $12.75M.
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