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Meadow Lane Oceanfront Norman Jaffe Designed On An Off Day

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Normally, we're big fans of Norman Jaffe here at Curbed Hamptons, but this one, asking $20M…not so much. And normally Meadow Lane is an impeccable address, but not so much here either. Why? This property is aaaaaaalll the way down the road, right next to Shinnecock East County Park with its campers and off-roaders. Even the listing photos aren't doing much to sell this house—dim and poorly lit, with bedroom photos focusing on the linens, and we're just going to grimace about the Audrey Hepburn "art." The house is 3500sf, with four bedrooms, four baths, and a kitchen out of the Just Say No era. Still, there are five acres of oceanfront in Southampton and a nice pool. What that is worth in this location, we can't say; we note that 1860 Meadow Lane, just down the road, which is also five acres without a public campground next door, has been for sale for some time, most recently asking $28M with no takers.
· Southampton Village [Elliman]