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Cute Oceanfront Cottage in Amagansett Finally Finds a Buyer

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Way back in May 2013, this cute Amagansett cottage hit the market asking $5M. It took a while, but it finally traded about a month ago for close to asking price, $4.8M. The two-bedroom house and property (0.42 acre) may not be huge, but there is 100' of oceanfront. Commenters generally liked the house: "I can tell you that I have been inside this very lovely authentic beach house and it is wonderful. Furniture and all! It sits on a dune with great views and summer breezes. The beach is very quiet with very little people to be seen. It's a classic cottage for a classic buyer!" and "I've consumed many a mojito and listened to a LOT of Sublime in this house. The pix convey about 1/10 of its charm. Was so sad about its sale. Passing of an era." We hope it won't be torn down.
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