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Entenmann's Montauk Harborfront Property Just Got Sweeter

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In July, a unique property owned by Charles and Wendy Entenmann of the crumb cake family came on the market. Asking price for the almost seven acres of land was $24.95M. Now $5M of calories has been cut from the price, making it a low-fat $19.95M. There are four adjacent parcels right on East Lake Drive, walking distance to Gin Beach. Two of the lots are empty, while one has warehouses, a 150' dock, a boathouse and a two-bedroom apartment; another has a recently built two-bedroom cottage. While of course the property could be used commercially, a spectacular estate could also be built here, accessible by land, sea, and air. (Montauk Airport is just down the road.) Another great use would be a condo complex, for any smart cookies out there wanting a new project.
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