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Monastic Simplicity in the Amagansett Dunes Costs $2.2M

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There's minimal and then there's stark. This Amagansett beach house might have tipped over into stark. It's a compact 1480sf with three bedrooms and two baths, along with a living space that includes kitchen, dining, and living. Off all rooms is a large deck with outdoor shower. On the plus side is the largish (for the area) plot size of 0.68 acre, and of course it's one block from the beach. Price is $2.2M, which is down $175K from the original ask. Given that the 60s-style Dunes house featured last week sold for a reported $2.075M, which was on a smaller plot of land (but a more stylish house), this place will probably be snapped up soon, though the owners might consider warming up the interiors with a goldfish or something.
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