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Stalk Your Rich Hamptons Neighbors with MansionMap

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Calling all looky-loos! Now you can virtually browse America's wealthiest neighborhoods via the miracle of data mining. MansionMap is an interactive map that allows you to cruise through a high-priced neighborhood, click on a house, find out the owner, how much the house is worth, get a birds-eye view of the place, and Google the owner. For example, we chose billionaire Leslie Alexander, co-owner of the Houston Rockets (and owner of our favorite wine club), a fairly well known figure.

MansionMap just aggregates a lot of publicly available information into one site: property records, Zillow for the house value (so not necessarily that accurate in the Hamptons), Google maps, Bing maps, search engines, and so on. The site encourages crowdsourced information via tags such as Hedge Fund, Celebrity, MTV Cribs, Billionaire, and so on.

You can search on other wealthy areas besides the Hamptons: Hidden Hills, CA; Bryn Mawr, PA; Darien, CT; Palm Beach, FL; Nantucket, and so on.
· MansionMap - Hamptons [Official]