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Slightly Insane Water Mill House is Back; Still Insane

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Ah, another of our favorite crazy houses is back on the market. Last January, we noted that the asking price, formerly $6,572,000, had just been pricechopped to $3,900,000. Now it's October and the house has just been pricechopped $2,672,000 down to $3,900,000. Nope. We don't get it either. Except that if you're interested in buying, we suggest doing so during the off-season.

The house features a large koi pond with its own white sandy beach and dock, fake Warhols aplenty (a point argued vigorously about in the comments on the last post; they're not fake Warhols, they're genuine Warhol tapestries. OK then), two acres of land right on Montauk Highway, seven bedrooms and 8.5 baths, "gourmet" kitchen, separate cottage.

Perhaps our favorite part of the house is the random furniture placement. Of course a large bed is set between two large desks underneath an arrangement of "art" featuring Madonna, the Beatles, Elvis, and so on. Of course in the living room, a bunch of sofas and chairs are inches away from a giant hassock. We don't understand the hair styling station in the hallway, either. As Lucille Bluth would say, "I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it."

We are also entertained by the differences in the pictures between the two listings. BHS seems to be trying to tamp down the, uh, unique personality of the home, while Elliman has no such qualms. For example, in the BHS picture of the bathroom, the green picture has been removed, and for some reason, a Picasso-signed towel is hanging instead. BHS removed the bed between the desks, because hey, that arrangement makes plenty of sense. BHS also sadly failed to show a picture of the Marilyn room featuring puffy recliners. (Note: some pictures are from the Elliman listing, some from BHS and some from last year's Saunders.)
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