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A Great Montauk Oceanfront Deal Closes for $7M

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Just about a year ago we wondered if this was the best oceanfront deal in Montauk. It had recently been pricechopped from $9.1M down to $8.2M; the property closed this week for $7M. Which really is a good deal for one acre of oceanfront. Unlike oceanfront houses on Old Montauk Highway, for example, this property is on a quiet, dead-end street. It's close to downtown, yet only 500 feet to Shadmoor State Park. Also, the surfing spot known as the Fortress is almost right in front of the house.

We quite like the house as is, 2300sf with three bedrooms and two baths; but we wonder if the new owners plan to build a bigger place possibly farther from the edge.
· 84 Surfside Ave [Elliman]