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Handsome New House Still Too Ambitiously Priced

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When this new-build debuted on the market back in June, commenters were scathing. ("Definitely a unique home I've seen from Mary's Marvelous. Village walkable to all is trend, but I personally like bit more room for my muffins to cool." "Your guests will be able to walk straight off the train platform right on to the porch and into the house. How grand.") Why? While it's a gorgeous place, with lovely finishes, it has some very serious drawbacks: the house is almost on Newtown Lane, right next to the train tracks, and the plot is very small at 0.1 acre. Two of the four bedrooms are in the basement. Also, the front door seems to open right into the kitchen.

Asking price back then was $1.795M, which has recently been pricechopped to $1.69M. We predict that the price has some ways to go south before it attracts a buyer.
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