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This Week in Strange, Weird & Terrible Listing Photos

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Let's take a look around listing photos from around the Hamptons to find examples of the strangest, the weirdest and the most terrible of them all. Come across one that we missed? Hit the always anonymous tipline!

Nope. Your guess is as good as ours.

Kitchen….or tag sale? We remain unsure.

Wait a sec…

Did that couch move by itself?

Pretty sure that's Slenderman in the corner. RUN, KIDS!

Are my teenagers working as maids in this rental?

Yeah, put some starfish down on the toilet tank to make it all beachy 'n' shit. But don't put the lid down.

Oh, hell, put the rest of the chickens up top. Who cares?

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaay, is that range hood glad to see us?