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American Horror Story: Floral Wallpaper

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Floral House, not sane, stood by itself against its flowers, holding unimaginable horrors within…

What dark secrets lurk behind this house's pleasant, unassuming exterior? Somehow, someone, possibly an escapee from a mental institution, committed unspeakable acts of wallpaper horror within. Not only the walls, but indeed the very ceilings are papered, closing in on you, yes, getting closer all the time… Not content, the interior desecrator added furniture upholstered in a contrasting floral. Then he or she slapped up a few Inuit plaques on the wall because why not and add a coffee table that looks like it's going to get up and run away soon, and then it was time to wallpaper the next room.

Specifics: $895K for a 1900sf house with three wallpapered bedrooms and two rather nice baths. Plot is half an acre. House will probably be really nice after copious amounts of wallpaper stripper, holy water, and smudging sage.
· Flower Power in Southampton [Sotheby's]