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Clean Modern Style in the Amagansett Dunes for $3.699M

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Sleek modern styling with walls of glass. Location the hot Amagansett Dunes. All new and high end. So what's the catch? The catch is the address, 940 Montauk Highway. There is a good sized plot of land, though, 1.8 acres, so the house is set back well from the highway. Leaving location aside, this is a pretty great house. There are walls of glass open to the dunes, with a nice pool and a roof deck with sound system. Inside the 2800sf house, everything is clean simple lines with high-end finishes, appliances and fixtures. (However, those bean bag chairs have to go. Sure, they add a spot of color, but they just look like misshapen lumps, and anyone over 30 doesn't need to try to get out of one.) There are four bedrooms, four baths, and one half bath. The house is LEED Gold certified, so it's very energy efficient. The price has recently been chopped by $296K; how much do you think the property is worth?
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