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A Happy Renovation on Mount Misery Lane in Sag Harbor

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New York-based designer Pablo Jendretzki, he of the floating-roofline house in Shinnecock, had a client who purchased a small ranch on Mount Misery Lane in Sag Harbor. Pablo says, "This discolored utilitarian builder's house seemed sad, probably reflecting the street name. This name does not really describe well the beautiful area and the property that borders a natural reserve of stunning forests. With a budget of $700K, we were asked to make magic. In addition to reconfiguring the layout to accommodate the client's way of living, we played with simple yet unconventional woodwork details for the railings, posts, pergolas, eaves, and exterior cladding to give a new fresh contemporary language." Now the house has six bedrooms, with 5.5 bathrooms, a pool, and a garage with a loft living space.
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