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If You Owned This Bridgehampton House, Your Life Would Be Perfect

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The beautifully styled photos in this listing probably come from a magazine, but they and the Gary De Persia listing copy suck you in. Imagine...

Filled with character, an unabashed love of entertaining and surrounded by a kaleidoscope of color, a 3,200 SF+/-, 4 bedroom house awaits amidst verdant splendor in Bridgehampton's scenic horse country. A Sicilian farmhouse, reimagined, the 2 story residence balances the improbable with the utterly unique as a strong sense of style results in something innovate and totally correct. […] The dining room seats 14 while another dozen could dine on either side of the country kitchen... If you owned this house, you'd have 26 friends!

Light pours inside the house during the day, surfaces glistening while at night it becomes darkly romantic with an intimate glow. If you owned this house, your lonely nights would be over!

The richness of life can be found within the confines of this singular offering where life, laughter and new memories will be created. If you owned this house, you'd laugh with your 26 friends!

The details: the house is 3200sf, with four bedrooms and 3.5 baths. There is 0.96 acre of land, with another acre available. Price is $2.795M, but really, can you put a price on perfection?
· Eat, Drink, Love In Bridgehampton Horse Country [Corcoran]