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Did You Watch The Affair? What Did You Think?

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The Affair, the new Showtime drama set in Montauk, seems to be garnering good reviews. We were underwhelmed, at least so far. While the premise of the series—showing two people's differing recollections of events—was interesting and different, the characters were dull. Noah (Dominic West) is a husband and father spending the summer at his father-in-law's place in Montauk, which looks to be on East or West Lake Drive. So naturally he's going to hook up with a diner waitress. Alison (Ruth Wilson) is a waitress at the Lobster Roll (Lunch). She bikes there from her oceanfront house in Ditch Plains. Also her family or her husband's family own Deep Hollow Ranch, but Alison is a waitress because, uh, some reason.

Noah wanders over the "dunes" from his father-in-law's place on the lake to Ditch, where there's a bonfire by the lighthouse. (Don't expect this to make any sense geographically.) Also, Noah is excited by the existence of an outdoor shower at Alison's house (a plot point), because apparently those are rare in Montauk and his father-in-law's luxurious estate definitely doesn't have one.

What did you think? Will you keep watching? We'll give it another episode or so to pick up. Watch the premiere for free at the link below.
· The Affair [Showtime]