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Hamptons Houses with Tricked-Out Home Theaters

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Over the summer, the New York Times opined that home theaters are the most in-demand amenity among rich Hamptons homebuyers, an opinion echoed by many agents, so we thought we'd take a look at some properties on the market sporting them. Since the listings don't actually disclose what systems the cinema rooms use, we're going on looks alone. (Besides, a buyer can always just upgrade the system.)

As happened in that $17.5M Amagansett house with the screening room that used to belong to Barry Sonnenfeld, shown above. Apparently the technology there was upgraded the last year to the tune of $125,000. The room itself is the nicest we could find on the market; it looks very comfortable and we love the snack bar outside.

This next place is a $15M oceanfront property in Quogue. While the theater is small, the seats look comfy, it's stadium seating, and at least the agent added a picture to the screen instead of leaving it blank as so many do. The screen looks kind of small, though.

Another option for cineastes is this property in Bridgehampton, on the market for $14.95M. The room seems to be bigger than that in the Quogue property, and also sports cute art deco style lights and a twinkly ceiling.

This room comes from a $12.9M, 11,000sf property in Sagaponack. It gains points for the most comfortable looking leather seats of them all and another twinkly ceiling.

Finally, we think this room, in a $12.9M Robert AM Stern-designed house in East Hampton, really counts as "TV room," not "home theater." But the screen looks huge, and it gains points for the movie posters (The Godfather, Chinatown, The French Connection, Anna and the King of Siam, Bonnie and Clyde, Manhattan Merry-Go-Round, Breakfast at Tiffany's are what we can make out) which are eclectic enough to be obviously films that the owners like, rather than movie classics designed to impress guests, so good for them.
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