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Moving Oceanfront Montauk Motels a Pipe Dream?

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Yesterday, we posted about the Surfrider Foundation's proposal to move Montauk oceanfront motels inland to protect downtown. First, we should mention that this idea was first mooted by David Rattray in an East Hampton Star editorial back in October.

If there ever was a moment to think big, this is it. Montauk's long-term solution could well include a combination of approaches, including one that has not been mentioned so far. This would be for the town to creatively use the power of eminent domain to remove the first row of downtown Montauk's residences and outdated hotels, and to give their owners the right to rebuild inland, in particular on the second block in from the beach. Opinion about the proposal from commenters yesterday was mixed. Favorable: "At last someone speaks the truth! Take out that front row and replace it with a proper dune. Then do one of them Netherlands Sand Motor projects up at Ditch. Montauk will be better for it." and "Reality is one big honkin wave buddy. Surfrider has it right. Buy 'em and bury 'em." and "A few flea bag motels need to be purchased, razed and then buried. It ain't rocket science. Let's compare the cost of this plan to the cost of annual beach nourishment."

On the other side: "This is why Surfrider, and their minions the CCofM, will never be taken seriously. How about coming up with something that is reasonable and actually doable." and "The Surfrider proposal is not and will never be a reality. If you want to talk nonsense then why bother talking at all and let downtown Montauk flood."
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