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Thornfield Hall: Plush Grounds, Large Attic Ideal for Storage

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In many classic novels, the house or setting is as important a character as the rest. Hard to imagine Jane Eyre without Thornfield Hall (above), or Rebecca without Manderley, or The Secret Garden without Misselthwaite Manor. What if they were up for sale? The Neomam infographics site contains the whole list from Bag End to Castle Dracula; take a look.

Name: Thornfield Hall
Rooms: 30
Thornfield Hall is near perfect on the outside, with plush grounds and gardens, in contrast to the interior, which is need of some minor alterations. Thornfield has a large number of rooms, some of which are unused, perfect for solitude and privacy. There is a large attic space ideal for storage.

Name: Misselthwaite Manor
Rooms: Estimated in excess of 100
Misselthwaite Manor is a magnificent English country estate located in Yorkshire, with well over 100 rooms, some of which have been unused for years. Comes with acres of land complete with hidden gardens said to have healing powers. Ideal for those looking for a fresh start to escape the troubles of the world.
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