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Wainscott Cottage Really Needs a Stylish New Owner

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According to the brokerbabble, this house is "A BLEND OF SOPHISTICATION AND COUNTRY CHIC." That is, a mishmash. Some rooms (kitchen, bedrooms, bath) are quite decent and some (room with the chandelier and fireplace) make you wonder what the owner was thinking. (And not to get petty, but the throws on the chairs in the TV room look like bath towels.) Luckily, what's annoying about this house will go along with the current owners. To continue with the brokerbabble: "THE GOURMET KITCHEN WHITE, SLEEK, WITH CLEAN LINES AND USABLE SURFACES." Well, that's a relief. We hate when we try to dice an onion on a kitchen surface and a wormhole to another dimension opens up. In all, there are three bedrooms, three baths in 3000sf, set on .46 acre, asking $1.995M.

The grounds are also a mishmash. Nice covered porch with fireplace:

Caption: "MAN'S BEST FRIEND…" Really, broker?

· Perfect Hamptons Cottage [Sothebys via HREO]