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Singletons, Make Your Place Appealing for Valentine's Dates

Planning to take your date home after your big night out on February 14? If you want to impress them, get out the Swiffer, folks. Filth is a turnoff! On the other hand, most single folks say that appealing living quarters make them more interested in a date. To celebrate the month of love, the good folks at asked 1,000 singles about what they like and don't like to see in their date's home.

Let's break down some of these numbers, lonelyhearts.

Bin Those Beer Bottles, Bros
When visiting their date's place for the first time, 82% pay close attention to how clean (or dirty) it is. 78% said a dirty apartment was their biggest turn-off, with most attention paid to the bathroom. 45% said a dirty bathroom was their biggest turn-off. Other gross habits that squicked daters out include empty beer bottles lying around (19% said eeeew) and a stack of dirty dishes in the sink (14%).

Fix Your Place Up
67% of responders said that a nice house or apartment would make them more interested in a potential partner. But people get less impressionable (or picky) with age. 79% of renters aged 18-24 said a nice apartment would make them more interested in a potential partner compared to 54% of renters aged 48-67.

Watch Those Roomies
Your roommates matter—so choose wisely. Your best choice is a polite person of the same gender. 26% said they would not date someone who had roommates of the opposite sex and 37% said a rude roommate was a deal breaker. 18% said they would not date someone who had roommates, period, and 9% of renters said they would not date someone with multiple roommates.

What Do Dates Like to See?
Women said family photos around the apartment was the biggest turn-on (15%) while men like to see a nice collection of classic books and magazines (13%) around their date's place. We guess women want like men who are close to their families, while men want to see that women are brainy.

When things get hot and heavy, men (11%) were much happier to see a king sized bed than women (4%). Size matters, ladies.

Methodology: The survey was conducted among 1000 US single adult renters. The interviews were conducted online by Redshift Research in March 2013 using an email invitation and an online survey.
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