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Is This Wainscott House a Reasonable Buy?

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And now, Ask Curbed, the feature in which you both ask—and, in the comments, answer!—each other's questions. Got a question of your own? Send it along to

A reader writes,

My wife and I are looking at 393 Montauk Highway, Wainscott. We are not totally familiar with the East Hampton area. The property is SOH in name only essentially; there are no roads that run south once you turn off the highway. This concerns us, as does proximity to airport. On the positives, it is 1.6 acres and recessed a ways off Montauk Highway; it is also 825K which seems very fair, but again we have very little knowledge of anything out east. They say room for a pool also. Would you consider being on MHW a nonstarter? Are we better off looking north of highway for our budget (700-800K)?

Our opinion: every property has tradeoffs unless you're a billionaire. Location matters, but it does seem like a charming house, recessed off the highway, with a good sized chunk of land. The listing doesn't show much of the interiors, but they're probably fine if the house is 11-12 years old. The price is fairly reasonable but the property has been on the market for six months so lowball it if you go for it.

So what's your opinion, gang? Good idea or should this reader keep looking? Lay it on us in the comments.
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