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Luxe Club: High-Quality Home Furnishings at Net Prices

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Are you furnishing or redecorating your house? Want the best quality pieces but don't have an exorbitant budget, or just don't want to pay the eyewatering designer markup? Luxe Club, a new service from New York interior design firm Salisbury & Manus, offers you the opportunity to search for home furnishings online and purchase directly at wholesale costs.

Owner Tracey Gibbons Furman explains, "After fifteen years in business, we're bombarded by friends asking us for access to interior design centers and begging us to purchase goods for them at net cost. We roll our eyes and usually grudgingly oblige. We have finally come up with a solution for our friends and an answer for all those people who want the best. Luxe Club membership really opens doors for those who want to furnish their homes with high quality decor but don't necessarily need hand holding or extensive consultations."

Here's how it works. Annual membership is $795. Membership brings access to trade only showrooms throughout the country as well as net pricing on fabrics, wall coverings, carpeting, furniture, lighting, and decorative accessories. Price quotes are then emailed directly to Luxe Club members with an option to purchase. See how little top-quality furniture can actually cost!
· Luxe Club [Official site]