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Montauk: Gorgeous Location for a Destination Wedding

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Montauk is becoming more and more popular as a wedding location. And why not? It's beautiful, offering endless stunning vistas; it's a fairly easy drive from much of the northeast; and there are plenty of restaurant and lodging choices for the big day. Spring and autumn weddings are most popular, when the air is mild and the town is less crowded. If you're planning the wedding of a lifetime, contact the Montauk Chamber of Commerce for a free guide.

Anya and Trevor had a beautiful wedding at Navy Beach in September. The wedding favors were crack pie from Momofuku Milk Bar (mmmmmmmmm); the wedding cake came from Momofuku as well. Flowers came from Amagansett Flowers by Beth. After an evening spent listing to a Brooklyn reggae band, the guests lit sky lanterns to go flying over the sea.
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Navy Beach Restaurant

16 Navy Road, Montauk, NY 11954 631-668-6868