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Commenters Underwhelmed with East Hampton Coastal Experts

The East Hampton Town Board recently announced that they will accept the guidance of three coastal scientists in choosing an erosion control plan for downtown Montauk presented by the Army Corps of Engineers. Two commenters were unimpressed with their choices. "Maybe just maybe they should have called someone who has done a beach restoration project? You would think? His name? Tim Kana. And then the next call should have been Gary Vegliante of WH. Their combined experience would have given Eh their best chance of choosing the best option. Three academics picking from one of three options gives EH a 1/3 chance of getting lucky. The Town Board of EH's knowledge on the subject could fit in a thimble with room to spare."

Another wrote, "the senior board members, with a penchant for "studying" instead of actually deciding and "doing", stalled all efforts last year and this seems like more of the same. The smartest move (and look to Guilford Connecticut for an example) is a systematic withdrawal from the coast. Otherwise, we'll be having the same conversation in twenty years. Use eminent domain, incentives for the landowners and use the available federal money to move everyone off the coast and restore the dune land and natural features. This will not only remove shore front building owners from harm's way but will help fortify and protect the town from erosion and storm effects. Once you sift thru all the ideas this would be the most logical and cost effective solution long term. Or let's do sand replenishment that will be washed away w the next superstorm and we wring our hands and do this all again next year."
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