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Get Your Bids in Now for Sea Spray Cottage 14

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The village of East Hampton is currently accepting bids for rental of one of the fabled Sea Spray cottages, often considered the best oceanfront deal in the Hamptons. The last time the cottages were available for rent was 2010; this year only one cottage, 14, a one-bed, one-bath, is available. Bids will be accepted until 2PM on January 27.

The Sea Spray Inn was originally a Main Street street boardinghouse that opened in 1888; the house was moved to the dunes in 1902. In 1978, the Sea Spray main building burned down but the cottages remain and belong to the village.

In our estimation Sea Spray cottage number 14 is the least desirable, as it doesn't face the ocean. But it does offer more privacy than the other cottages, so it's definitely worth a bid. In 2010, the two one-bedroom standalone cottages were rented for $50,000 and $51,000.
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