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$825K Southampton Village Farmhouse Ripe for Flipping

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Granted, we don't know the condition of this house—the roof, the state of the wiring or the plumbing. Obviously, if those need replacing, a renovation will cost much more. But now that $74K has been cut from the original $899K, we wonder if it would be worth someone's while to refresh the place and sell it on for a profit. The bones of the house are very sweet and charming. New kitchen, add another bathroom, put in a pool in the backyard, some paint, and sell it to the lucky new owner for a profit. But don't trash the metal kitchen cabinets from the 1950s: sell them to a collector. The house is currently 1620sf with three bedrooms and one bath on 0.45 of an acre. Your thoughts in the comments.
· 471 Hampton Road - Southampton Village [Elliman]