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In East Hampton, Zen-Inspired Tranquility Costs $9.5M

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This exquisitely tasteful six-bedroom abode is the home of noted interior designer Waldo Fernandez. The property's 1.25 acres features extensive plantings. (We're sure all that bamboo helps achieve that tranquil, zen, Asian feel the designer was going for, but it's an invasive plant, which is why more and more Long Island municipalities are banning it. So hope you like it, new owner!) There's also a pond filled with lotus--meant to "stir up images of Kyoto, Viet Nam or Thailand"—because after all, when in East Hampton, you want to think about the Far East. There's also a lovely black granite infinity pool. Inside, it's all soothing dark wood and neutrals to "calm and nourish the creative soul." As for the kitchen, it's "as much a showcase for culinary arts as it is for cooking." (Nope, don't know what that means either.) There are also nice touches like a massage room and a music room across a skybridge.
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