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Slightly Insane House Prompts Slightly Insane Comment

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We have a new front-runner for Comment of the Year regarding the Water Mill house from Monday! Don't be so koy, Sid, tell us how you really feel!

This writer of this article, is a yoyo uniformed person, this article has no knowledge of this home, The Art World or the Top Designers of this Totally Five Star Estate! This amazing Fantastic Home is EXQUISITE down to last detail! Hampton Arts, & Wall street Journal and others have written articles praising this designers perfection & exquisite taste! (who has designed five star residences from NY, to Japan, Germany and France Worldwide). The owner produces and organizes Massive major Museum Exhibitions world wide, ranging from Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, to Tamara de Lempicka, (originals now on auction at over 9 million dollars!) All of the art in the house is Original including my painting of "Marilyn Monroe" ! I was a partner of Warhol's, and I am so proud to have my originals in this amazing residence.
There are endless photos of the owner with Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and other Museum greats, whose estates she has represented, at their signings not to mention that the owner was herself for her talents inducted with Salvador Dali, Warhol, Erte, and Picasso into The Fine Art Hall of Fame!!! Elliman and Saunders, are very lucky to have such a partner! The Koy pond (with real Koy from Japan sent by Mr. Kobayashi the financier of the original property before it's multi million dollar renovation ) has two fantastic waterfalls and the most exquisite pond with waterlilies from Giverny in France where Monet painted. The landscaping is the best I've ever seen . The house is not on the highway, but rather down an exclusive driveway off the highway on approximately two private gated exquisite acres. The highway address, brilliantly saves enormously on taxes, and gives the owner natural gas lines! (No propane tanks at this glorious Villa!) It's probably the finest residence I have ever seen with the most exquisite furnishings from Europe, Custom bedding and accessories from all over the globe including 18th centuary art. The owners have purchased some of my original paintings, for their multiple properties.The Warhol tapestries series, were produced by Modern Master Tapestries whose President was William Weber a World famous art dealer of the early 80's. I have had exhibitions world wide & have never been more impressed with any home in the world! Sid Maurer .

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