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E. Hampton Contemporary Might Be Headed for a Wrecking Ball

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This Don Chappel-designed property has lingered on the market since last spring when it debuted at $5.95M; the price has just been cut another $350K down to $4.6M. We're not crazy about the house itself, as we're old fashioned and like our rooms to be rectangular, and this place seems to be all about the weird angles, but it's nicely staged (with a lot of karate-chopped throw pillows) with simple, clean furnishings. There are five bedrooms and five baths, with a gym, indoor sauna, and tennis court. Still, even if you don't much like the house, the property includes 2.4 acres next to reserve south of the highway, so, as the listing hints, there's always the teardown option: "Also a great investment as a possible land purchase."
· 2.4 Acres In East Hampton South [Saunders]