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Slightly Insane Water Mill House Now 40% Cheaper

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This bonkers house has been amusing us for quite some time. If you've been looking for a property featuring a large koi pond with its own white sandy beach and dock, and you know you have, you're in luck! And at a much lower price! Ask was formerly $6,572,000; now the property, which is about two acres right on Montauk Highway (with a long drive, granted, but that stretch is always a traffic nightmare), is yours for $3,900,000. There are seven bedrooms and 8.5 baths, "gourmet" kitchen, separate cottage, and fake Warhols aplenty. (Note: some of the images are from the Saunders listing and some from the Elliman listing.)
· Water Mill South, New York [Elliman]
· Newly Built South of the Highway Traditional [Saunders via HREO]