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Bridgehampton House by Architect Peter Cook Pictured in Beach Magazine

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[Photo credit: Daniel Gonzalez]

Hamptons architect Peter Cook's houses gracefully reference classic Shingle Style, with modern updates. As a local, Cook knows that location is ultra-important in the Hamptons. He says, "Our clients buy these properties because of the views, so it's very important to capture them as you move throughout the house. Orientation of the sun dictates a lot. Take a swimming pool, for example. You want to sit in the chair and face the sun without having your back to the pool. That decides how you place things on the property. The spaces you move through—the hallways, stairways, rooms—should have light and natural views that allow you to really experience the property."

He says that his firm isn't strongly known for a particular style, though. "Some architects find a niche they're happiest in, and if you hire them, that's what you get. But our work is inspired by our clients, and they don't have that herd mentality—for them, their home isn't a place to summer, it's an expression of themselves." Cook is known for his firm's meticulous attention to detail, though. "You have to do your best work opposite the toilet. That's where people sit, and if there's a crack in the wall, or a painting that's not straight, people sit and focus on it."
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