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Hamptons Chic, Revenge-Style

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It's just about time for everyone's favorite Sunday night drama on ABC to commence. Of course we're talking about Revenge, which features actress Emily VanCamp playing super sleuth/socialite Emily Thorne. Flanked by an insanely calculating and good looking cast of characters, her singular goal in life is to avenge her father's death.

The setting is possibly our favorite part of this show, which takes us on so many twists and turns that we can't even see straight. The backdrop is the Hamptons. Sprawling mansions (think Ira Rennert), immaculate beaches (hello, Sagg Main), fabulous restaurants (yo, Nick & Toni's), and decadent boutiques (sounds like Newtown Lane) round out possibly the most gorgeous scenery on television. Everyone's been clamoring about what exactly is Revenge-chic and comparing different Hamptons estates to Emily Thorne's beach cottage and Grayson Manor.

It turns out that the image of Grayson Manor above is all CGI--the actual house doesn't exist! Interiors are shot on a soundstage, although the designers obviously modeled the house on genuine Hamptons mansions. As the third season looms ever closer, we are curious to see what changes the locations team has made to their set design. Imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery!
Jamie Sharpe