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Inaugural Montauk Seafood Festival to Boost Local Industry, Tourism

While Montauk was celebrated in the past for its sport fishing, fewer people fish recreationally now. They come to party at nightspots, not fish. And while Montauk still has a sizable commercial fishing fleet, of course, it needs support. The remedy is the new Montauk Seafood Festival, planned for Saturday and Sunday, September 21 and 22, noon to 5PM. Companies such Gurney's Inn, East by Northeast, 360 East, Sloppy Tuna, Montauk Pearls, Atlantic Terrace Cafe, Hampton Seafood Co., Andrra, Sammy's, the Montauk Brewing Co., Pindar and Duck Walk vineyards will all offer local food and drink. And for anglers who want to improve their skills, a Fishing Legends Q&A with local experts will take place every hour.
· Montauk Seafood Festival [Official site]