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Northwest Harbor House Has Its First Brush with the Pricechopper

Last time we checked in with this house, a mere two months ago, commenters were thoroughly underwhelmed with it. "Feh. Looks like barracks from the outside." "Having been on the inside I can honestly say the house is a dog." "Whoever chose the paint colors ought to have their eyes examined. This house is thoroughly unattractive." We guess buyers were, too, since nearly a million dollars has been sliced off the price. It was $5.9M; now it is $4.995M. Still has those gorgeous waterviews in this house, which is a very generous 7000sf. There are five bedrooms, six baths, a really quite appealing kitchen, and a library. Outside, there are two acres with a waterside patio, pool, and a private beach.
· 7 Aborigine Way [PrestigeInternational]