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One-Foot-Wide Strip of Napeague Sells for $120,000

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Said strip is also 1,885-foot-long and leads to the Atlantic Ocean. Suffolk County acquired the bit of land in 2003 for nonpayment of taxes. County officials planned to sell it for $10, offering it to the six property owners whose land it borders. Four owners didn't respond, but two were interested, so the county decided to auction it, setting a $1500 minimum bid. Final price? $120,000. Suffolk's property manager, Wayne R. Thompson, explained. "We've had one or two pieces start off at $400 and maybe go to $10,000, but never like this. But you know what water's worth . . . You can say, 'Oh, yes, I have a right of way to the water.'"
· Bidder buys 1-foot-wide strip of Napeague land for $120,000 [Newsday]