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Very Pretty Bridgehampton Shingled Cottage for $5.25M

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The title of this listing, "Choice 1.6 Acre Home in Bridgehampton Estate Section," makes the probable fate of this cottage clear, and it involves a bulldozer. If so, it's too bad as we think it's really very cute, with 3000sf, five bedrooms and five baths, tons of fireplaces, old ceiling beams, and a very charming English conservatory. The brick patios and hydrangeas are classic Hamptons prettiness. We guess, though, most buyers aren't shelling out over five million dollars for "cute." The real star, of course, is the large corner lot in a choice section of south-of-the-highway Bridgehampton surrounded by protected fields and a reserve.
· Choice 1.6 Acre Home in Bridgehampton Estate Section [Saunders]