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One Ferry Road Condo Project Proposed for Sag Harbor

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[Courtesy Frank Greenwald]

For years now, developers have eyed an area right over the Sag Harbor-North Haven bridge as a site for luxury waterfront condos, but the project has been stalled owing to community opposition, zoning hassles, financing and so on. Now developers Emil Talel and Michael Maidan have presented new plans to the village planning board. Envisioned are 24 units over four main parcels, at 1, 3, and 5 Ferry Road and 2 West Water Street, with a three-and-a-half story building on Ferry Road. "One of the big issues here is height and we are trying to not have this look like a monolithic thing with a flat roof," said architect Frank Greenwald. "One of the things we will look for is relief from the height so we can create some interesting rooflines." A marina and public park are also planned for the development.
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