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Commenters Incredulous About Hamptons Condo Sales

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Most commenters expressed disbelief and scorn for the news that units in new luxury Hamptons condo developments are selling well at high prices. "Let me think of this for a second. A 3 million dollar house in the village on a half an acre with private pool, yard and separate garage or I can buy a condo for 3 million and share my pool and yard with a bunch of nutjobs." "Please tell me one thing that is luxurious about these condos. Better yet let me know of one condo that has sold in the Hamptons for 3 million. [?] I remember 3 years ago the condos on Water St were sold out at over 2 million each. We know what happened there." Commenter "Yoyo" disagreed. "It's not only a question of luxury, or convenience, or privacy v community, or shared pool and tennis v private, or or or or or. It's all of these things. Different strokes people! Why some seem to get their knickers all twisted about something like this is beyond me. For my part, if I were an empty nester I'd be happy for a place at Watchcase."