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Goose Creek is Hit with the Pricechopper Again

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Last time we checked in with Goose Creek, the 25,000 sq. ft. mansion had just had its price lowered by $5M, down to $14.995M. Now another $5M or so has been sliced off the ask, making the price $10.9M.

So what does $10.9M get you in Wainscott these days? Limestone floors, an indoor heated wave pool, Turkish bath, massage rooms, an outdoor pool, and a tennis court...all with an incredibly 80s feel. Oh, and we can't forget about that 110-seat screening room. Modeled after the Zeigfeld Theatre, it's the reason why, according to the NY Observer, the home has been a "Mecca for Hollywood and New York society's A-list." The real selling point, however, is the property itself. The parcel offers 5.5 manicured acres on (an inlet off of) Georgica Pond. Make way for the wrecking ball?
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