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Options for Protecting Downtown Montauk

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Yesterday, the Army Corps of Engineers presented options for erosion control of Montauk ocean beaches. A formal report, with analysis and costs, should be ready by November. After that, officials should choose a plan quickly—otherwise, the federal funds allocated for Hurricane Sandy repair might be spent elsewhere.

The five options are:
1. Dump 120,000 cubic yards of sand to create a feeder beach. Over time, this sand would drift to beaches to the west, building them up.
2. Purchase and condemn the oceanfront motels lining the beach along downtown Montauk. Then add a 15' high dune and a 90' wide beach berm. Given the costs involved, this option is unlikely.
3. Build the 90' wide berm without condemning the motels.
4. Build a 15' high dune with a buried seawall and a 35' wide berm.
5. Build a 15' high dune, a 90' wide berm, and five jetties.