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Update on Southampton Houses Slated for Demolition

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On Wednesday, the Southampton Architectural Review Board hosted public hearings regarding the fate of two local homes, at 51 Pond Lane and 40 Meadow Lane. In both cases, the ARB delayed any decision for at least a month.

40 Meadow Lane, "A-Weel-Y-Mor," is an interesting old house with abundant history. Unfortunately, it may be structurally compromised past repair. The ARB's architectural historian consultant Zach Studenroth has been asked to inspect the house.

As for 51 Pond Lane, while there is no doubt that the land it stands on belonged to Pyrrhus Concer, an important figure, there is some question about whether the house was built and lived in by Concer. The ARB is asking supporters to compile documentation proving that he lived in the house. Mr. Studenroth says that interior analysis of the house needs to be done.
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