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Fall Means Fishing in Montauk

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From late September through early November every year, migrating striped bass hit the hottest baitfish spots off Montauk, wearing darling little fedoras. (We may have just made up that part.) They chow down before heading south. Experienced anglers know to look for gulls and terns swooping down to snatch fish scraps. If you're interested in landing a few striped bass, the Montauk Chamber of Commerce has helpfully compiled lists of charter boats that may be rented for private outings on day or overnight trips, as well as party boats for day and half-day outings with a group. Need a rod or bait? No problem. The boats can hook you up, and they can also clean and filet your catch. Of course, you can also catch stripers via surf casting. After a day's fishing, a number of Montauk restaurants are happy to cook your catch for you.
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