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Gorgeous Sagaponack Six-Bedroom is Yours for $10.95M

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This house really is beautiful. We love all the white, which contrasts beautifully with the piano-finish floors (hopefully the new owners will have staff with Swiffers on standby). The kitchen and bathrooms are faultless, the pool and landscaping are perfection. There's 1.6 acres in a great location, and six bedrooms and 7.5 baths inside. As for the artwork, we're on record in favor of Damien Hirst dot paintings, but the Beatles? Unless you were actually in the Beatles (and that guy lives in Amagansett, not Sagaponack), come on. Also, photographers gotta be more careful with the wide-angle lenses. Yes, they can make the rooms look bigger, but they can also give a funhouse-mirror effect that's offputting. Again, minor complaints in a stunning house.
· Sagaponack Sanctuary With Style [Saunders]