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Create "the Ultimate Hampton Experience" in Sagaponack

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Our admiration for the real estate prose of Corcoran's Gary DePersia continues. His brokerbabble isn't trying to sell you on a house--it's trying to sell you on a lifestyle. This is a new listing for a Sagaponack farmhouse we love as is; Mr. DePersia describes it as "amiable." But if you're "seeking something more formidable" than an amiable house, look no further! You could create "the ultimate Hampton experience" to "the very Atlantic beyond," to wit:
Nearly three acres, awash in Sagaponack sea breezes and only several hundred yards to the beach, presents an unparalleled opportunity in the hamlet that has become the nexus of the Hampton lifestyle. An amiable 4 bedroom farm house of recent vintage anchors this expansive property that additionally offers a two story barn with upstairs finished loft and full bath, heated pool and acres of grassy expanse secluded behind tall perimeter trees. However, those seeking something more formidable might be intrigued to learn that this singular offering could accommodate a new 9000+ SF residence, pool, pool house and full size north/south tennis court that would have views to the east of a nearby horse farm and south across an 11 acre reserve past a handful of ocean side houses to the very Atlantic beyond. Held in the same ownership for nearly 400 years, this never before available 2 3/4 acre property presents a limited window to create the ultimate Hampton experience. Never change, Mr. DePersia.
· Gibson Lane: The Promise of Things To Come [Corcoran via HREO]